Infrastructure of My Own Instagram

Project summary

In the case of the frontend server to create my own sns, the code was imported and used from github, and the backend server linked thereto was implemented and completed by myself.

There are no functions such as post modification, friend tag, and notification in the existing frontend code, so the frontend part of that part is added, and most of the functions used by Instagram are supported.

I implemented the backend, frontend, and database as containers, respectively, and applied docker-compose and Kubernetes to set up a network for communication.

Libraries and frameworks

  • Backend server: node.js, express
  • API specification: swagger
  • Load & unit testing: jest
  • Database: mysql, redis
  • Image storage server: cloudinary
  • Deploy: Kubernetes, Docker, github actions, argoCD
This is done, Fall 2022.
Yeongbin Hwang
Yeongbin Hwang
Master’s Student @ KAIST

My research interests include 5G core network, guided fuzzing test, and control plane analysis.